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Why An Well Equipped SEO Company Gives You The Best

The question of how to learn web design from scratch is quite a demanded topic for today. And so my current post will be devoted to how to learn web design, beginners and all those who want to start their journey into the world of Web design. We’ll talk about where to start; what to do next; what programs and sites we need.

How to learn web design

How to learn web design from scratch?

First of all, you need to understand, do you really want to do this? Will you go to the end, to your goal to achieve the highest skill?

If you are really determined, then we go further.

Web design lessons do not teach you everything at once. To reach a good level of knowledge from Internet sources, at least you need from 2 weeks to 1 month. You can depend on the best SEO Company for this task.

How to learn web design yourself: what do we need?

In order to understand how to learn web design independently we need Photoshop, where without it. This program will be your best friend if you decide to link your life with the world of web design. Download it from the official website, so that you have the most current version of the program. Next, you will be given a trial period of using the program (previously it was 30 days, now it’s like 7 days.) There are many videos on the Internet to activate the full version of Photoshop.

For those who work on Apple’s technique, Sketch is perfect. But now we will disassemble the training only for Windows users. Downloaded, installed Photoshop, then you need to master the basic commands and functions of the program, since without this knowledge you will not go far. We recommend that you view a video lesson from a well-known freelancer, where he talks in detail about the basic details when working with Photoshop. But in order to gain access to this lesson, first register on the site. Learn the Web design for his lessons will not be difficult for you.

After viewing this lesson, you already have some knowledge to work with Photoshop. Next you need to download modular grids for PC, tablet and phone. You ask what is a modular grid?

The next step is how to learn web design:

Sketching and Prototyping

Continuing our topic, we will dwell on the sketchbook and prototyping. A sketch and a prototype is an initial sketch of your future site. It helps to find common language with customers in freelancing. Prototypes are made very quickly (5-15min).

Color scheme

You made a prototype and see the future site. Next, go to Photoshop. Here begins the most interesting part. You converted your sketch into a layout. And now you need to develop a color scheme for your site. This is a very important step, because. from it will depend on the attractiveness of the site. Therefore, you need to choose colors that are combined with each other.