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Web Domain Universe : Your Personal Domain Just A Click Away

The biggest change for the online world is now underway. The internet is about to grow a whole lot bigger since it has now started accepting applications for ne top level domains. A domain name is an address on the net which allows you to find specific websites. Universe is a website-building app that lets you make or build quick custom sites from your phone. There are a lot of ways to build websites today. There are services like Wix.Squarespace, WordPress, and a whole bunch of other solutions. Universe is a new startup looking to make process even easier with a platform which will be totally and entirely built around a phone app that promises to “make a website in under a minute.”

Why use web domain universe

To build a site, users are directed to first choose a domain name. Well a good thing about web domain universe is that the domains that include Universe’s are free. Custom domains are also available but they are charged for i.e. you have to buy them. Then Universe presents a series of templates which can be personalized further with links, icons, and text and custom backgrounds. The interface is simple, and not overtly complex in terms of functionality. It is easy to use even for those with no web design skills.

The web domain universe has only the single format to use and adding or removing things is just a matter of dragging and dropping. Universe has all the process distilled down to the simplest level possible. The website has a home page where you can edit or delete stuffs and start up with your writings. You have a search bar on the top right of your page. Below it you have recent post option where all your recent posts are mentioned. Underneath it you have recent comments, then archives, categories and Meta where you have your login and other entries. On your top left you have the following options- Home, About, Contact, Partner.In the about page you mostly start with an introduction kind of bio that introduces them to potential visitors that might visit your website. You generally have examples given on that page about how to write your bongo to your dashboard, delete the page and create new pages for your content. The Contact is for you to provide the visitors with your contact details so that they can contact you in case they want to interact with you. As for the partner page, it is for you to mention if there are partners along with you who are a part of the website. All in all, universe a simplified, easy to use website managed through your phone.